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Seneca Cigarettes in all varietiesSeneca Cigarettes (Indian)

Seneca cigarettes are in the list of premium Indian American cigarettes. They are produced of high quality 100% pure tobacco and most types come in hard pack or soft pack, king size and 100.

Seneca cigarettes are stronger than many other brands, and a lot of smokers prefer Seneca cigarettes over other tobacco brands, the same high quality is offered throughout all flavors and cigarette types.

Seneca Full Flavor 100'sou may order Seneca cigarettes right here online, or visit any of the tobacco stores in the area, anywhere on the Seneca territories. While Seneca cigarettes may appear to be cheap, they do NOT lack quality or flavor, you can order these cigarettes from the comfort of your chair, saving money, and have them delivered directly to your doorstep.

All the cartons and packs of Seneca (Indian) cigarettes as well as other brands include the Surgeon General’s notices about that smoking is dangerous to you and your children’s health. It appears that smoking is quite popular these days, many women and youth smoke anything from Lighter flavor with lower amounts of nicotine, tar, and tobacco, to the robust full flavor Seneca Cigarettes. Please note that Lights and Ultra Lights still pose health dangers. In fact, Little Cigars Full Flavor, Little Cigars Cherry, Little Cigars Grape, Little Cigars Menthol, Little Cigars Vanilla, Little Cigars Wildberry, 72s Full Flavor, 72s Lights, 72s Menthol, Full Falvor 100 Soft, Full Falvor King Box, Full Flavor 100 Box, Full Flavor King Soft, Light (Blue) 100 Soft, Light (Blue) King Box, Light (Blue) 100 Box, Light (Blue) King SOFT, Medium Box 100, Medium King Box, Menthol 100 Box, Menthol 100 Soft, Menthol King Box, Menthol King SOFT, Menthol Light (Smooth) 100 Box, Menthol Light (Smooth) 100 Soft, Menthol Light (Smooth) King Box, Menthol Light (Smooth) King SOFT, Menthol Ultra Smooth (Ultra Light Menthol) 100 box, Non-Filter Full Flavor, Ultra Light (Silver) 100 Box, Ultra Light (Silver) King Box, Full Flavor 120s, Light (Smooth) 120s, Menthol 120 Box, Menthol Light (Menthol Smooth) 120s, Ultra Light (Ultra Smooth) 120s, all pose a great health risk.

Many store fronts do now accept VISA and MasterCard, as well as American Express and Discover card to purchase Seneca Cigarettes, and we recognize that it is so. To purchase Seneca cigarettes online you can soon do so right here, we can save you a bundle of money. Our store has been in business for a longt time, selling quality cigarette and tobacco products at low and discount prices, enabling our regular patrons to save money and smoke at their leisure. Underage sale is strictly prohibited.

Why are Seneca Cigarettes so low cost?

Seneca Cigarettes – America’s finest blend – 100% pure tobacco – Production and Quality go hand in hand, the native American brand is a premium Indian style, producing many types, flavors and strengths. Sold directly from Seneca Territory, we pass our savings on to our patrons, not many other brands can offer all of this. Seneca's come in Full Flavor, Lights and Ultralights, King Size, 100's, 120's, regular, Menthol's, with and without filters, soft packs and hard packs, whichever your choice is, we likely have it in stock, fresh!

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Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight.

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.

Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide.

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